Fall 2021 Updates

Hi all! I hope you have been safe, healthy, and productive this year so far. Like many this year, The Make Space has been focusing more inwardly and finding ways to better ourselves and the organization, and find new ways of serving our members and our community.

There has been a lot of changes in the Space since the last update. Here are some of the big ones:

  • Upgraded our band saw to a new floor-model 14″ WEN
  • Upgraded the planer to a new Dewalt model
  • Added a new small CNC machine that is being set up and documented now
  • Working on digital signage for the front window
  • Added to our bike tools and parts, including a Park Tools bike stand
  • Updated our lighting in the front room to LED lighting to match the back, making it much brighter in all of the space and saving money on lighting

We have had organizational and financial setbacks that we will need to find solutions to for this coming year. Our expenditures will more than triple this coming year, and we will need to work on finding other ways of funding the Space. We are confident we can continue to serve the community and our members, but will need volunteers and support more than ever.

If you would like to help us further our cause of fostering the maker spirit in State College and enabling makers to see their plans come to fruition, we have added donation buttons to the site for anyone to become a Friend of The Make Space through one-time donations or reoccurring monthly donations in several amounts. Both of these options offset our expenses and continue to make our makerspace accessible to those who want an outlet to create, fix, make, and express themselves. We cannot express enough our gratitude for your support!


Shout out to Bryan Jensen

Bryan Jenson upgraded the electronic key system to the space. As a result of Bryan’s efforts, the space was able to retire an old server that consumed $5-$10 of electric each month. Bryan hopes to increase functionality and usability of future versions of the system. If you see Bryan be sure to thank him in person of his great work. Awesome job Bryan!


Gaming Repair Cafe – Saturday, December 7, 1-3PM.

This Saturday’s repair cafe will be focused on games and gaming. Have a board game that is missing pieces, an old game system that isn’t working right, or want to get into the world of retro game emulation? We will be there to help find answers, replacements, solutions, and suggestions. We are of course still available to help with other items that you might need help fixing too.

Repair cafes are set up for the community to bring in things that you want to learn how to fix or would like help diagnosing. We are not experts, but we are problem solvers, and will do our best to help you learn and empower you to try diagnosing and repairing yourself.


2nd Ender 3

The space recently purchased a second 3D printer for member and community use. This printer will help to relieve the waiting time for folks to use a 3D printer during high usage times. Come and check out the new tools we have.


Beginning of Summer Updates

We have been hard at work during the last few months and have a lot of news to talk about! Let’s get started:

  • We received a $1,000 grant from the Trailhead Foundation/Three Dots for expanding our tools and advertising for our Repair Cafes! We are so very grateful to them for allowing us to be better able to reach the State College community.
Some of our members posing with the Trailhead grant signage.
  • We have purchased a new 3D printer! The new Creality Ender 3 will use PLA filament and is added to our aging Davinci printer which uses PETG.
The Ender 3 before we built it.
  • We are working on a wiki with training and up-to-date information on the Space so that the public can see what we have and our members can learn how to use our tools and get tips and tricks for their best use.
  • We are making changes to our membership models! The new models will include a discount for volunteering at the Space and lower prices for students and families. We will update the membership page and process for signing up very soon.
  • We are purchasing a button maker! We will have the machine available to members with a small charge for the supplies and optional designing. Stay tuned for when it arrives.

TinkerCAD class – Saturday March 16, 1PM

Saturday, March 16th at 1pm we will be giving anyone interested a introduction to 3D design and Tinker CAD. This is our first step to teaching how to 3D print, so if you are interested in doing either, please stop by and join us! If you plan on taking this class, bringing your own laptop would be encouraged, but we have extra if needed. A free Autodesk account will also be needed to access Tinker CAD. Go here to register for your free TinkerCAD account

If you plan to attend the class, please register by sending an email to


The Make Space of State College is a community workshop, hackerspace, and collaboritory. Not for profit, and here to help you do, learn, create, and share. Our interests vary and the sky’s the limit on what you can imagine and create. Our purpose is to help you take your awesome ideas from the drawing board and into reality. We provide access to tools, advanced fabrication equipment, and a wealth of salvaged, donated and recycled resources for use in your various projects, inventions, creations, and explorations.

Open to the public every Wednesday 6-8PM. Stop by to check out our tools and community. In addition to the vinyl cutter, we have 3D printers, laser cutters, a wide range of wood working tools, craft tools/supplies, electronics repair tools, and a large format printer.

The Make Space is located at 141 South Fraser Street under the parking garage. Visit the web site at


Repair Cafe Tomorrow!

If you have anything that needs repaired and you want to know how to diagnose and fix it, bring it by tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 2, 1pm-3pm) and we will do our best to work with you to give your items new life!

What can you bring? Appliances, clothing, furniture, housewares, toys, and pretty much anything else that’s broken that you can carry on your own! If you wish to know for sure whether someone will be able to help mend your broken item, email us at

Advice and help from the members of the The Make Space is free of charge, but a voluntary donation is appreciated – we’re a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit!


3D Printing Demo Tomorrow

Hi all, we will be having a 3D printing demonstration and open house tomorrow (Saturday) at 1 pm! We will go over 3D models, where to find them, a bit on how to make them, and how to use the printers at the space. If you have are at all interested in 3D printing, stop by!


Join Us for First Night!

Update: We have giveaways! You’ll be able to choose between several cardboard model kits seen below. The instructions for construction will be listed below.

While you are out enjoying the ice sculptures, shopping, music and more on New Year’s Eve, make plans to stop by the MakeSpace for a special open house from 3pm-6pm. We will have several demonstrations set up and knowledgeable members around to give you a tour of the space. Please join us and start your new year actively making it the best one yet.

Space Improvement Weekend Update

Weekend Updates Dec 8th-9th – Big Update!

So this week we were notified by the IRS that we are officially a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization! Our hard work and reams of paperwork have paid off and we are even better equipped to work with our community! I would like to thank Jason, John S., and Camille for taking the lead through the hundreds of hours it took to complete this momentous task for the MakeSpace.

This week we have been working on the following:

  • More progress on the MPCNC! We have the basic skeleton put together, made of conduit and our printed 3D parts
  • We updated some of the lighting in the backroom, removing some non-functional lighting and moving some other lighting to better cover the space.
  • We have updated our Membership page to include a now working sign-up page for monthly memberships.
  • Matt N. brought in his K40 laser cutter and we worked on changing out the controller board for a Kickstarted replacement called Gerbil.
Joe and Vidur adding the side rails and carriages.