The Make Space

Your free-use community workshop

Makerspace? What's that?

The Make Space is a shared workshop run by volunteers in the style and spirit of a public library

Our purpose is to help you take your awesome ideas from the drawing board and into reality. We provide access to tools, advanced fabrication equipment, and a wealth of salvaged, donated and recycled resources for use in your various projects, inventions, creations, and explorations.

Featured among our resources are our RepRap 3D printers, laser cutter, and fume hood workstation.

We are also a fairly well equipped shop, with soldering irons, saws, drills, hammers, sanders, and hundreds of other common tools which you might happen to need but not own. We have public computers to browse the net, work, or play games on. There are also several communal resources which anyone is welcome to use: at the moment, we have a whole crate of acrylic paints and a handful of canvases waiting to be used by the first person who has a mind to. There is also a large cache of acrylic sheets waiting to be laser-cut into games, boxes, and robots, all generiously donated by friends in the community. And more new and interesting things show up in the space every day.

We also offer several free classes about various technologies

These include how to use the on-site tools, soldering, electronics, 3d printing and modelling, how to laser cut, and many more. Sharing skills and know-how is a fundamental part of our makerspace culture. If you're willing to teach a class and share a skill of your own with the community, we'll even throw you a few months of membership and a couple snacks as thanks!

Several clubs also meet at the space

These includethe Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Meetup, a Community Craft Circle, and The Technology, Philosophy, and Society discussion group. If you would like to form your own club or host an existing one at The Make Space, we'd be happy to accomidate!

At off hours, everyone is also welcome to stop in The Make Space just to hang out for a moment, brew a cup of coffee, charge a phone, borrow the wifi, wait for a bus, and chat with other folks who have interests in a variety of creative, scientific, civic, and/or technological fields and hobbies. These casual conversations quite often spur new collaborations innovations which go on to benefit our neighbourhood, our community, and, in many small ways, our world.

Sounds good! How do I get involved?

Check out our forums first to join ongoing conversation. Or just show up! We have a weekly hangout and open workshop night every Wednesday from 6pm - 8pm.