During this time of physical distancing, we are finding ways of helping out friends, family, and the community through what we can make, repair, and do for each other around our homes. If you are interested in your local makerspace, please contact us through email and we will get back with you to answer any questions you might have.
We are a community of people that are here to create, discuss, brainstorm, and support each other in inventing, repairing, remixing, and experimenting in a community workshop for those who cannot or don’t want to own a workshop. If you have an idea or project and no space or tools to accomplish it, come visit us and make your idea’s reality!

What is the Make Space?

The Make Space and makerspaces/hackerspaces in general are places where people with common interests can come and meet, socialize, and collaborate. Our interests vary and the sky’s the limit on what you can imagine and create. Our purpose is to help you take your awesome ideas from the drawing board and into reality. We provide access to tools, fabrication equipment, and a wealth of salvaged, donated and recycled resources for use in your various projects, inventions, creations, and explorations.

Member Project Images