Tool Inventory

The following table is a listing of most of the tools we have available in the Space. Depending on the tool, there may be training or instruction needed before using these tools.

This list was last updated 2019

Tool TypeTool NumberDescriptionModelInstr ManualSpecsComments
Bench Tools1Craftsman 6in Bench Grinder152.211060See Comment1/5 HP 2.8 Amp 3450 RPM (No Load)Manual out of Print;Downloaded similar Manual for 8" Bench Grinder
Bench Tools2Delta 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw40-540x2.0 Amp 600-1800 SPM/GPM
Bench Tools3Craftsman Router315.17480x6.5 Amp 25,000 RPMw/ 25457 Plastic Router Table
Bench Tools4Rockwell Table Jig SawRK 7320x5.5 Amp 800-2800 RPMOwned by John Stitzinger
Bench Tools5Skil 4x36"Belt-6in?? Disk Sander3376x2.8 Amp 3450 RPM (No Load)
Bench Tools6Central Machinery 14in Oscillating Sander69257x1 Amp 1800 RPM, 30 OPMHarbor Freight;
Bench Tools7Delta 1" Belt - 5" Disk Sander31-080x1/4 HP 2.6 Amp 3450 RPM
Bench Tools8Powertec 8" Drill PressDP800x2/5 Peak HP 2.6 Amp5 speeds 620,1100,1720,2340,3100 RPM
Bench Tools9Central Machinery 10inx18in Mini Wood Lathe65345x3.6 Amp 1700 RPMHarbor Freight; 5 spindle speeds 750,1100,1600,2220,3200 RPM
Bench Tools10Craftsman 10in Band Saw351.214x1/3HP 3.5 Amp 2780fpm Blade Width 1/8" to 1/2"; Blade Length 70.5 in. ; Max Cut Depth 4-5/8"; Throat Width 9-5/8"
Freestanding Tools1Delta 10" Industrial Table Saw36-650x1.5 HP 15 Amp 3450 RPMCan be set up for 220V Operation
Freestanding Tools2Delta 10in Shopmaster Sliding Miter Saw526-263Lx15 Amp 5500 RPM
Freestanding Tools3DeWalt 12.5in Thickness PlanerDW734x15 Amp 10,000 RPM
Freestanding Tools4Delta 6in Jointer37-190x3/4 HP 13 Amp 3460 RPMCan be set up for 220V Operation; Owned by Jon Eirmann
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools1Craftsman Fluorescent Light315.114073x19.2V
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools2Craftsman 0.5in(13mm) Drill/Driver315.11485x19.2V 0-400/min;0-1400/min.
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools3Craftsman 0.5in(13mm) Drill/Driver5275.1x19.2V 0-350/min;0-1300/min.
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools4Craftsman 0.375"(10mm) Drill/Driver315.101541x19.2V 0-1050/min.
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools5Craftsman 1/4" Impact Driver5727.1x19.2V 0-2500/min.
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools6Craftsman Cordless Nailer-Stapler315.11401x19.2V 30 shots/min
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools7Craftsman 5-1/2"(140mm) Corner Cat Sander315.115701x19.2V no 11,000/min
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools8Craftsman Multi-Tool320.38599x19.2V 7500-15,0000/min
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools9Craftsman 5-1/2" Trim Saw315.114261x19.2V no 4,500/min
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools10Craftsman Reciprocating Saw315.114270x19.2V no 0-3100/min
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools11Craftsman Dry Hand Vac315.115710x19.2 V
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools12Craftsman Li-Ion and NiCad Class2 Battery Charger & Maintainer315.CH2030x12-19.2V (140152001)
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools13Craftsman 4 port Battery Maintenance Station19.2 V (Only 2 ports work)
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools14Craftsman Li-ion Battery315.PP201119.2V/24Wh Battery No. 1302111022
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools15Craftsman Li-ion Battery315.PP201119.2V/24Wh Battery No. 130211102
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools16Craftsman NiCad Battery315.11375319.2V Battery No. 130279005
19.2 V Craftsman Cordless Tools17Craftsman Li-ion Battery315.PP201119.2V/24Wh Battery No. 1302111022
Portable Tools1Craftsman Scroller Saw315.10721x2.5 Amps5/8in Stroke Variable Speed
Portable Tools2Chicago Electric 3"x21" Belt Sander 69859x6.5 Amps 1250 fpmHarbor Freight
Portable Tools3Craftsman Dual Action Pad Sander315.1165x2.8 AmpWith Dust Pick up
Portable Tools4Menasha Orbital SanderK-Mart product; no manual found
Portable Tools5DeWalt 4.5in Angle Grinder D28110x7 Amp no 11,000/min
Portable Tools6Clarke 4.5 in Angle GrinderMT1205A no 11,000/minCompany filed for bankruptcy in 2009; no manual found
Portable Tools7Black and Decker Drill7190x3.5 Amp 0-1200 VSR
Portable Tools8Craftsman .375 in Industrial Rated Drill315.7752.3 Amp 1150 RPMNo manual found
Portable Tools9Vermont American Angle Drive Drill Attachment2:1 or 1:2 Gear RatioFor Polishing,Sanding and 90 degree drilling
Portable Tools10Black and Decker 7.25 in Circular Saw7308Generic Manual9.0 Amps 1.5 HP 5300 RPMNo 7308 manual found; general Black and Decker circular saw manual downloded
Portable Tools11Dewalt .375 in VSR DrillDW106x5.4 Amp no 0-2500 RPM
Portable Tools12Craftsman Electronic Router315.174771See Comment8 Amp no 25,000 RPMManual not available;Downloaded similar Manual for 315.174730 router
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners1Need Description, Model, Specs for Primary Dust CollectorPrimary Dust Collector
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners2General Pneumatic Compressor97080x2.6 Amp 1/3HP-100psi maxHarbor Freight; .25in-18NPT Outlet; 3gal Tank
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners3Diablo (.375inx50ft) Retractable Hose Reel64351x150 psi maxHarbor Freight;.25in-18NPT Inlet-Outlet;
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners4Shop-Vac Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner3150Generic Manual5.75 Amp 1.5 Peak HP2 in hose; 5 gal tank
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners5Shop-Vac Blower-Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner3331.5Generic Manual7.4 Amps 1.25 in hose; Detachable Blower
Air Comp-Dust Collectors-Vacuum Cleaners6Central Machinery Dust Collector31810x1 HP(.75KW) 7 Amp 660CFM Spare Dust Collector; Harbor Freight;13 Gal Bag Capacity
Spare Tools1Craftsman 0.5in(13mm) Drill/Driver315.114852x19.2V 0-400/min;0-1400/min.
Spare Tools2Craftsman 0.5in(13mm) Drill/Driver315.114850x19.2V 0-400/min;0-1400/min.
Spare Tools3Craftsman 0.375"(10mm) Drill/Driver315.116890x19.2V 0-650/min.
Spare Tools4Craftsman C3 Pivot Head Flashlight315.113913x19.2V

All motors are 110V-60Hz unless noted for 220V operation