Welcome to The Make Space

The Make Space is State College's downtown hackerspace and your community workshop!

Hackerspace? What's that?

Hackerspaces are workshops that encourage community participation, sharing of tools and knowledge, and making creative use of the resources around us to benefit our community and our world. The Make Space is a local tool library, an awesome hands-on classroom, and an open studio available to everyone at no charge. It's a not-for-profit environment tailored to people who enjoy creating, sharing, teaching, and learning: everything from robotics, to gardening, to programming, painting, cryptography, or graphic design. Anything you can imagine is fair game!

We also offer several free classes about various technologies, including how to use the on-site RepRap 3D printers, indoor gardening with LEDs and aquaponics, do-it-yourself RC drones, and much more. Classes often happen because someone in the community has expressed interest, so if there is something that you would like to learn or teach, make it known! Sharing our skills and know-how is a fundamental part of our hackerspace culture.

Weekly Open-House and general meeting

We have an informal weekly meeting and open house every Wednesday at 6pm. Swing by if you'd like to get keys to the space, or just to see what we're all about.

Where are you located?

We're in the base level of the Fraser Street Garage, in the Alley Cat Music alley, behind Green Bowl, opening towards the southern face.

When are you open?

Besides scheduled events and weekly open houses, the space is open whenever someone with keys is around, or upon prior request from anyone in the community. You can see what's happening at the moment through our webcams. We distribute keys on the short-term for awesome or noble projects, and in the long-term to anyone who contributes to the space in a positive way, be it monetarily or in trade.

Who owns and/or runs this place?

Everyone does! All big decisions regarding use and operation of the space are made by consensus, and the place operates on a fairly loose do-ocracy basis. The borough owns the building and lets us all use it for cheap so long as we provide a service to the community, which we try our hardest to live up to.