Projects Weekend Update

Weekend Updates for December 1st-2nd

Parts for the CNC machine. More progress to come!

This weekend was yet another great and productive weekend for us. Here are just a few things that we have accomplished:

  • After Matt N. helped us move the laser cutter and replace the aging vent motor, Camille practiced for a demonstration she will give for open house by showing Joshua, Vidur, and a few other members how to use the laser cutter.
  • Joshua replaced the monitor for the laser cutter monitor with a wide screen version, and Matt N. fabricated a monitor adapter for the odd sized mount.
  • Matt N. also repaired the beloved heater in the space, removing the broken wheels and building a sturdy base for it.
  • The MPCNC project group (consisting of Vidur, Joe, Joshua, Matt N., and Joey) have have made a lot of progress on Vidur’s CNC, making space for its construction, cutting out the base, and printing out all the 3D-printed pieces needed for the project. We hope to get the machine finished close to the first of the year.
  • Vidur and Matt N. replaced a battery in a portable car jumper, extending the life of the jumper and keeping it out of the landfill.