Space Improvement Weekend Update

Weekend Updates August 18th-19th, 2018

We had a very productive weekend at the Space! Here is what we accomplished this weekend:

  • We had a very productive business meeting, selecting some members to form a temporary board to push us through into incorporation.
  • Member [Joe B] and his daughter power-washed the front area of the Space, getting rid of most of the green and dirty covering on our steps and brickwork and making our entrance look better than it has in years. Thanks both for your efforts!
  • We were able to get our Prusa i3 clone working again, thanks to [Joe B], [Mack B], and [Joshua W]. It still needs some tweaking, but when doesn’t a 3D printer?!
  • [Joe B] and [Vidur] were able to fix up a Arduino that had a corrupted bootloader.