TinkerCAD class – Saturday March 16, 1PM

Saturday, March 16th at 1pm we will be giving anyone interested a introduction to 3D design and Tinker CAD. This is our first step to teaching how to 3D print, so if you are interested in doing either, please stop by and join us! If you plan on taking this class, bringing your own laptop would be encouraged, but we have extra if needed. A free Autodesk account will also be needed to access Tinker CAD. Go here to register for your free TinkerCAD account

If you plan to attend the class, please register by sending an email to


The Make Space of State College is a community workshop, hackerspace, and collaboritory. Not for profit, and here to help you do, learn, create, and share. Our interests vary and the sky’s the limit on what you can imagine and create. Our purpose is to help you take your awesome ideas from the drawing board and into reality. We provide access to tools, advanced fabrication equipment, and a wealth of salvaged, donated and recycled resources for use in your various projects, inventions, creations, and explorations.

Open to the public every Wednesday 6-8PM. Stop by to check out our tools and community. In addition to the vinyl cutter, we have 3D printers, laser cutters, a wide range of wood working tools, craft tools/supplies, electronics repair tools, and a large format printer.

The Make Space is located at 141 South Fraser Street under the parking garage. Visit the web site at