Space Improvement Weekend Update

Weekend Updates Dec 8th-9th – Big Update!

So this week we were notified by the IRS that we are officially a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization! Our hard work and reams of paperwork have paid off and we are even better equipped to work with our community! I would like to thank Jason, John S., and Camille for taking the lead through the hundreds of hours it took to complete this momentous task for the MakeSpace.

This week we have been working on the following:

  • More progress on the MPCNC! We have the basic skeleton put together, made of conduit and our printed 3D parts
  • We updated some of the lighting in the backroom, removing some non-functional lighting and moving some other lighting to better cover the space.
  • We have updated our Membership page to include a now working sign-up page for monthly memberships.
  • Matt N. brought in his K40 laser cutter and we worked on changing out the controller board for a Kickstarted replacement called Gerbil.
Joe and Vidur adding the side rails and carriages.
Projects Weekend Update

Weekend Updates for December 1st-2nd

Parts for the CNC machine. More progress to come!

This weekend was yet another great and productive weekend for us. Here are just a few things that we have accomplished:

  • After Matt N. helped us move the laser cutter and replace the aging vent motor, Camille practiced for a demonstration she will give for open house by showing Joshua, Vidur, and a few other members how to use the laser cutter.
  • Joshua replaced the monitor for the laser cutter monitor with a wide screen version, and Matt N. fabricated a monitor adapter for the odd sized mount.
  • Matt N. also repaired the beloved heater in the space, removing the broken wheels and building a sturdy base for it.
  • The MPCNC project group (consisting of Vidur, Joe, Joshua, Matt N., and Joey) have have made a lot of progress on Vidur’s CNC, making space for its construction, cutting out the base, and printing out all the 3D-printed pieces needed for the project. We hope to get the machine finished close to the first of the year.
  • Vidur and Matt N. replaced a battery in a portable car jumper, extending the life of the jumper and keeping it out of the landfill.
Space Improvement Weekend Update

Weekend Updates September 15th-16th, 2018

shelving with neat boxes and sorted materials

This weekend we cleaned up the office space next to the front door and started creating our electronics workspace. We need to get better lighting in the space; would like to create some ventilation for soldering, 3D printing, and laser cutting; and need some better shelving and storage along the wall. But it is a really big step in organization and we thank John S., Joe B., Joshua, Camille, Matt, and Brian for their help!

Speaking of organization, thanks to Camille and Lane for their organization of the arts and crafts supplies in the back room. Everything is so much more accessible and useful now!

John S. and Brian were on the hunt for wiring, tracing connections and disabling old unused connections.

Joshua and Joe are continuing their work on the 3D printers, and are starting to document and create training so anyone can print! We will let everyone know when that is ready.

Space Improvement Weekend Update

Weekend Updates August 18th-19th, 2018

We had a very productive weekend at the Space! Here is what we accomplished this weekend:

  • We had a very productive business meeting, selecting some members to form a temporary board to push us through into incorporation.
  • Member [Joe B] and his daughter power-washed the front area of the Space, getting rid of most of the green and dirty covering on our steps and brickwork and making our entrance look better than it has in years. Thanks both for your efforts!
  • We were able to get our Prusa i3 clone working again, thanks to [Joe B], [Mack B], and [Joshua W]. It still needs some tweaking, but when doesn’t a 3D printer?!
  • [Joe B] and [Vidur] were able to fix up a Arduino that had a corrupted bootloader.
Metal Projects

Foundry Fired Up

Members [Jason] and [Joshua] fired up the foundry on Saturday, July 28th, 2018. The goal was to melt down a large collection of aluminum cans that have been accumulating for some time in Jason’s garage. We were able to get about half a recycle can full melted down into around half a dozen mini-loaf ingots. It was a lot of work, but it was nice weather and Jason is getting quite a stockpile in his collection.