How to find us

It's easier than it looks…


Front of Makespace Workshop/

Where in the world are you?

I'm so lost.

I know. It's difficult to find us the first time. So we've embedded a Google Map above, and we got a photographer to do an Indoor Tour that you can see below.

We're in an alley behind the Green Bowl restaurant. You can also look for the signs that say “Alley Cat Music”; It's a great little guitar shop, we love sharing the alley with them.

If you end up in a little plaza with a tuxedo shop, a senior center, and a martial arts studio… you're in the wrong place. It's cool, everyone ends up there the first time. Go back out on Fraser St, and go up the hill a tiny bit. Look for the next alley on the left.


141 S. Frasier St
State College, PA, USA


Latitude: 40.792893
Longitude: -77.861434

Virtual Tour