Fall 2021 Updates

Hi all! I hope you have been safe, healthy, and productive this year so far. Like many this year, The Make Space has been focusing more inwardly and finding ways to better ourselves and the organization, and find new ways of serving our members and our community.

There has been a lot of changes in the Space since the last update. Here are some of the big ones:

  • Upgraded our band saw to a new floor-model 14″ WEN
  • Upgraded the planer to a new Dewalt model
  • Added a new small CNC machine that is being set up and documented now
  • Working on digital signage for the front window
  • Added to our bike tools and parts, including a Park Tools bike stand
  • Updated our lighting in the front room to LED lighting to match the back, making it much brighter in all of the space and saving money on lighting

We have had organizational and financial setbacks that we will need to find solutions to for this coming year. Our expenditures will more than triple this coming year, and we will need to work on finding other ways of funding the Space. We are confident we can continue to serve the community and our members, but will need volunteers and support more than ever.

If you would like to help us further our cause of fostering the maker spirit in State College and enabling makers to see their plans come to fruition, we have added donation buttons to the site for anyone to become a Friend of The Make Space through one-time donations or reoccurring monthly donations in several amounts. Both of these options offset our expenses and continue to make our makerspace accessible to those who want an outlet to create, fix, make, and express themselves. We cannot express enough our gratitude for your support!